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March 25, 2009

Software Applications

This page presents a list of software applications developed by me.
Each application is accompanied by a description, a snapshoot picture and a link to download the source code and binaries for various platforms.

You may use these applications free and I would be very glad to receive any kind of feedback (new features, reporting bugs, etc.) to the following email address: george@presura.name.

1. Yahoo! Messenger Archive to HTML, version 1.0.1-20060328

This application allows you to export the Yahoo! Messenger offline archived conversations from the proprietary encoded format to HTML files.
It may be used for the following purposes:
  • you may want to quit using Yahoo! Messenger but you want to keep the archived conversations in a format readable with a browser (this doesn't mind I recomment quiting using Yahoo! Messenger yet :) );
  • your computer is offline, and you want to look through past conversations (you cannot do this with Yahoo! Messenger while you are offline);
  • you want to export certain conversations to a format which can be easily sent by email or published on a web site (HTML format fits best for these purposes).
This application is developed using Trolltech QT API and is compiled using GNU g++ on Linux and Microsoft Visual C++ .NET on Windows operating systems. You can download either the source code or the binaries for one of the two platforms. The code is 100% portable.
In order to run the Linux binary, you must have libqt.so library installed.

Latest Version::1.0.1-20060328
Provided:Source code and binaries (Linux / Windows)
Programming Language:C++ / Trolltech QT 3.3.4

Download yma_to_html-src.tgz source code
Download yma_to_html.exe (Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista executable)
Download yma_to_html.tgz (Linux binary, compressed)

Click here to download older versions.

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