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March 25, 2009

George Presura's Recommended Web Links

On this page you can find a list of usefull links to web pages from from a wide range of domains.
I hope you will find them usefull.

Also, if you want to post a link with a description, you may do so by completing the form at the bottom of this page: Click here to post a link.

There are 22 links groupped in 9 categories.

Antivirus Softwareantivirus programs, antispyware, patches and updates for your operating system2
Groupware Softwaregroupware tools1
Internet Servicesfree internet services: email, blogs, etc.2
News and Pressnews sites from various domains: IT, Business, Sport, Economia, etc.2
Operating Systemsofficial operating systems sites2
Programmingprogramming tools3
Security Sollutionsofficial sites of security companies6
Travel and Vacancyofficial sites of travelling agencies3
Web Hostingweb hosting services, domain registration and various web-services3
Partnerspartner websites2

Antivirus Software

  1. BitDefender

    Antivirus software with antispam filters (for Outlook and Outlook Express email client), TCP/IP and UDP firewall, program-level internet access control, and more.

  2. Lavasoft Ad-Aware

    Antispyware software. Easy to use and upgrade, very efficient. Also you can download the Ad-Aware SE Personal version, free for personal use.

Groupware Software

  1. PHProjekt

    Opensource and freeware web-based software for managing group activities. It can be easily extended through addons and it is done entirely in PHP, so you can modify it to fit your custom needs.

Internet Services

  1. Yahoo! Free Email

    Best web-based free email service

  2. Google's Gmail Free Email

    Easy to use and fast free email service. Also you can get your emails through POP3. The web-based interface lacks in support for many browsers.

News and Press

  1. Google News Service

    Easy to use and on-topic news organized in 7 categories: World, U.S., Business, Sci/Tech. Sports, Entertainment, Health

  2. Sci/Tech Google News Section

    Science and Technology news from Google

Operating Systems

  1. Wikipedia List of Operating Systems

    A short description of operating systems families and history.

  2. OsData.com

    A comprehensive list of operating systems, with versions descrptions, history, etc.


  1. GNU g++

    Best C/C++ compiler. It is ported on almost any existing operating system.

  2. Trolltech QT

    A cross-platform development kit (headers + libraries) for most common operating systems (Windows, MacOS, Linux, various UNIX operating systems). It allows to easily develop visual interfaces. The C/C++ code is 100% portable across different operating systems. Best C++ development kit for graphical user interfaces applications. It also can run on Embedded systems.

  3. Sun Java

    Fully object-oriented cross-platform programming language. It needs a runtime virtual machine to run. Both compiler, runtime machine and documentation are free to use for commercial applications.

Security Sollutions

  1. Verisign

    Certification authority recognised as #1 in the world.

  2. Thawte

    Certification autority on the web. It provides free signing/encryption email certificates for personal users.

  3. RSA Security

    Provides sollutions and tools for PKI infrastructures.

  4. UTI Systems SA

    Very high-specialized software applications and sollutions for companies to create, manage or develop PKI infrastructures.

  5. OpenSSL

    Opensource freeware sources and libraries for cryptografic operations. It runs on most operating systems.

  6. nCipher

    They have a large variety of HSM devices and software tools for building PKI applications or security frameworks.

Travel and Vacancy

  1. Bula Fiji

    Official Fiji Islands travel guide. An example of how a travel site should look like.

  2. Shangri La Agency

    Probably the most beautiful places in the world. Checkout the virtual tours from two Fiji Islands hotels:

    Fijian Resort (Yanuca) Virtual Tours and Pictures
    Fiji Mocambo (Nadi Airport) Virtual Tours and Pictures

  3. Nationmaster.com

    Very usefull information about world countries. A must-read before going to visit countries around the world.

Web Hosting

  1. IT Force Consulting

    Web hosting and design, custom software application development company in Seattle, WA.

  2. 1 & 1 USA

    High quality web hosting services. Various plans and facilities.

  3. eDataRack.com

    Affordable web-hosting plans (FreeBSD + PHP + MySQL + Plesk Control Panel).


  1. Doua Fetite

    Friendly home for afterschool classes. Healthy food, playing games and teaching for young childrens.

  2. Heaven Solutions

    Professional software development team, located in Iasi, Romania, offering outsourcing services, offshore and near-shore IT consultancy.

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